Natalie was born 14th November 1982 in Tennant Creek, Central Australia.  Her language is Alyawarr, however, she is also fluent in Eastern Arrernte and English.  Her mother’s country is near Neutral Junction Station south of Tennant Creek and her father’s country is Antarrengeny which lies in Alyawarr land north of the Utopia Region in Central Australia.

Natalie has been painting for approximately two years under the tutelage of her mother in-law Jill Kelly Kemarre, who is also from the Alyawarr language groupJill is able to give direction to Natalie about her designs which relate to her ancestral country and stories.  Natalie is constantly inspired by the designs she observes in the native flora and fauna found in her country and her work reflects this as she experiments with fine linear and dot designs, to wonderful splashes of colour.

Natalie lives with her husband, four children and very large extended family at Irrerlirre; a small outstation in the Arltarlpilta region approximately 250kms north east of Alice Springs on the Plenty River.